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Personalized, World-Class Pet Service: Complete Veterinary Care for Small Animals

Parrett Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive pet health services with a personal touch. Our advanced technology and reasonable fee structure complement the world-class technology and care given to every patient. Our goal is to make each appointment a positive experience for pets and their owners.

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Veterinary Services

Maintaining the health of your animal companion is our primary goal. A lifetime of health comes from a commitment to regular care, addressing illness and injury, and supporting the human–animal bond. Here is how we do that:

Large dog with one of our staff
  • Wellness Exams — Regular visits (at least annually, twice a year for senior pets) help prevent disease before it starts and maintain the optimum healthy condition of your companion animal.
  • Diagnostics — All pets benefit from our advanced technology and highly skilled and dedicated staff to discover the root cause of every problem at the earliest possible juncture, so the proper treatment may begin quickly.
  • Surgery — From elective spays and neuters to trauma patients or surgical emergencies, depend on our extensive surgical experience and modern operating facilities.
  • Pain Management — Prioritizing pain relief and control of pain allows pets to recover faster in surgery and trauma situations, as well as providing for a much higher quality of life in our older pets with chronic conditions.

Supportive services for pet owners allow you to work with, learn about, and pamper your pet. Parrett Veterinary Clinic offers boarding and grooming services that are safe, comfortable, and effective.

From your first visit, you and your pets enjoy access to outstanding veterinary and support services. Contact us to find out more and to schedule your first appointment.

Parrett Veterinary Clinic: affordable, world-class service for animal companions.