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Complete Care for New Pets: Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

Your new puppy or kitten is such a delight, but a few simple pointers can help get your relationship off to a good start. Begin by scheduling your youngster's first wellness exam as soon as possible, even prior to bringing your pet home if you can. Especially if you have other pets or children at home, an exam before exposure to others is an excellent idea.

The first visit at Parrett Veterinary Clinic can be a delightful time for you both: to make new friends and receive an abundance of help and support. Our staff enjoys meeting the newest members of our community — expect lots of attention!

The First Exam

Two sleepy kittens

Bring your new pet to the first exam in a sturdy travel crate if possible, for his or her protection. Many animals feel more secure in an enclosed space and an unrestrained puppy or kitten can be a real driving hazard, especially climbing down by the pedals or jumping onto your shoulders. The carrier is also helpful if your nervous young pet vomits, urinates, or defecates during the trip. If your pet is not in a travel carrier, we do ask that he or she be on a leash for his or her own safety and the safety of other pets.

The adoption agency or breeder may have medical papers for your pet, describing any vaccinations and parasite prevention that has been initiated — bring these records with you to your first appointment. At this initial exam, we will develop a vaccination program that meets the needs of your pet, discuss parasite prevention, nutritional needs, socialization, potty training, and address any questions and concerns you may have.

Visit our vaccination page to view a sample vaccination protocol for a puppy or kitten.

At Parrett Veterinary Clinic, we consult the pet owner prior to beginning any treatment protocols. You will be advised of all the options available to address your pet's issue and the subsequent costs for such services. Every puppy and kitten owner receives our extraordinary customer service, including comprehensive veterinary care, personal attention, client education and resources, and reasonable rates.

A puppy being held

Spay or Neuter Pets

If you are not a breeder, we recommend you spay or neuter your pet in the first six months of life. This routine surgical procedure results in a healthier pet that will generally live longer and be a happier companion in your home. Learn more about this simple surgical procedure.

For more information about the above referenced vaccines and preventive care for your growing pet, visit our vaccinations page.

Learn more reasons to spay and neuter from the ASPCA® and the Humane Society.