Coupons and Promotions

Sentinel Spectrum: Best Protection & Best Pricing Only Available at Parrett Veterinary Clinic

It pays to protect your dog year round! When you purchase a 12 pack of your dog's Sentinel Spectrum, not only are you getting the guaranteed protection against heartworms, fleas, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms that you won't get through online pharmacy purchases, but you also receive:

  • Tremendous instant discounts on your purchase
  • $40 mail-in rebate (only available to limited veterinarians)
  • Entered into our #EveryDogDeservesProtection monthly drawing for amazing prizes!


Promotional Pricing: Revolution for Cats

Don't forget that cats deserve to be protected, too! Get guaranteed protection for your cat that online pharmacies can't provide against heartworms, fleas, roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites. When combined with our additional discounts on packages, there has never been a better time to buy! 

  • Progressive price discounts on package purchase
  • Bonus buy 6 get 2 free or buy 9 get 3 free promotion
  • Entered into our #EveryCatDeservesProtectionToo  monthly drawing for amazing prizes!


NexGard Tick Prevention

Ticks and tick-borne diseases are on the rise every year. In addition to vaccinating your dog for Lyme disease, keep you pet on NexGard monthly to kill ticks fast and minimize transmission of other diseases!

  • Progressive price discounts on package purchase
  • Bonus buy 6 get 2 free or buy 9 get 3 free promotion
  • Get a FREE box of OraVet when you purchase a 12 pack of NexGard!



Hills Science Diet Special Offers

Visit their website for special offers and coupons! 


SNSI Discount Spay / Neuter Voucher

Limited-income pet owners pay $20 per surgery after meeting eligibility requirements. Get the highest quality surgery for you beloved pet right here at Parret Vet with your SNSI voucher. To see if you qualify financially, visit the SNSI webpage here. 

*If your pet is not already current on their Rabies and Distemper combo vaccines, those will need to be given at the time of the surgery for a minimal additional fee unless your voucher specifies otherwise.


FREE Microchip Registration!

We've got you covered! When you have your Home Again microchip implanted at Parrett Veterinary Clinic, we will automatically register your chip for you AND cover the cost of that registration. Microchips can be implanted as an outpatient visit or at the time of your pet's surgery.



Simparica Rebate

Ticks and the diseases they transmit are becoming increasingly prevalent in the Midwest! Get your mail in rebate for $15 on 6 doses or $35 on 12 doses when you purchase Simparica today.


Elanco Rebates

  • Atopica: Save $20
  • Adequan: Save $20
  • Percorten-V: Save $40
  • Comfortis: Save $25
  • Osurnia: Save $20
  • Galliprant: Save $10-$30

Access your rebates by clicking here.


Metacam Rebate

Get $5 to $10 back after your next Metacam purchase when you use the rebate offered at the clinic while supplies last.