Modern Appointment & Rx Refill Services for Pet Owners

Parrett Veterinary Clinic offers online convenience in scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, gaining access to your pet medical records, and more through our ePetHealth services. Benefits of this modern service include the ability to manage your pets' health schedules, view upcoming appointments, and follow up on health care recommendations.

  • Request appointments, make boarding reservations, or refill medications online
  • Request medications for home delivery through our ePetHealth
  • 24/7 access to medical records needed for boarding, traveling, enrolling in classes, or in an emergency
  • Email alert reminders for products or medications

Additional features, such as pet health articles, videos, training, and breed information, help you and your family to understand your pets in a new, exciting way.

This reliable service is safe and confidential—no one has access to your pet health records but you and your veterinary team. Enrolling in ePetHealth is easy: Simply provide us with your email address!

Pet Portal Online Refills

A Pet Portal gives you convenient access to your pet's information online, especially handy after business hours or during busy times. In addition to ordering prescriptions online, your Pet Portal allows you to view your pet's medical records, including:

  • Complete and current vaccination record
  • Annual exam status information
  • Accurate prescription history

As an added bonus, your ePetHealth Pet Portal gives you access to a library of pet health articles and videos from reliable veterinary experts. And Pet Portals are free—all we need is your email address.

Log in to your ePetHealth Pet Portal.