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BREAKING NEWS about NexGard from the FDA!

"FDA Approves NexGard for prevention of infections that cause Lyme disease in dogs"

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends preventing Lyme disease by minimizing exposure to ticks through various methods, including consulting your veterinarian about the most appropriate tick prevention product for your dogs and situation."

Parrett Veterinary Clinic is committed to preventing diseases in pets. At this time, the Lyme vaccine is still a core vaccination for all dogs. While the details of what these findings mean roll out, we want to ensure your dog has the best coverage by keeping your dog up to date on the Lyme vaccination as well as monthly NexGard. Stay tuned for updates!

Stay tuned for updates!

Click here for FDA Statement

NexGard product details: /userfiles/nexgard brochure.pdf


Delivering Hill's Pet Foods to Your Door


  • Contact the clinic to see if you qualify for FREE delivery!
  • Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays. Call or message us in advance to schedule delivery of your pet's prescription foods.
  • Service available to current Parrett Veterinary Clinic patients that have visited the office within the last 12 months.


Auto-Ship Available for Your Pet's Monthly Parasite Prevention!

Sign up for monthly auto-ship! For NO EXTRA CHARGE we will automatically ship your pet's monthly parasite prevention a week before it is due to be given. When you sign up for 12 months of autoship at the time of your annual exam, your last two doses of Spectrum for dogs or Revolution for cats will be ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Need your tick prevention too? We've got you covered! Let our staff know and we can also send Effipro for your cat or NexGard for your dog. Every 3rd dose/month of NexGard is FREE.

Call the clinic to sign up for autoship any time!