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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

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215 lit candles

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   For Grace allamay  ~Lit by~ Kayla, Mimi and your soon to be baby brother Cameron with love

   For Athena  ~Lit by~ Dave and Kathy - missing you "Machine"

   For Rocky Road  ~Lit by~ Mama misses her boy!

   For Casey  ~Lit by~ Kim

   For Mina  ~Lit by~ Her Daddy and sister who misses her every day.

   For Casey  ~Lit by~ Kim

   For Whiskers  ~Lit by~ Chris

   For Buddy  ~Lit by~ Brenda and David

   For Shadow  ~Lit by~ Tim and Denise

   For Kissy Hollister  ~Lit by~ Rich & Kathy - Thanks for 18 wonderful feisty years. Miss you bud!!

   For Bandit  ~Lit by~ Charlie and Steve loves you

   For Silas  ~Lit by~ Angela - He will be missed. Love him!

   For Cooper  ~Lit by~ Julia

   For Oscar  ~Lit by~ Matthew - I miss you bubba. <3

   For Piper LaBelle  ~Lit by~ Mom - Why did you have to leave?

   For Piper LaBelle  ~Lit by~ Mom I miss you so much little one.

   For Boo-Boo  ~Lit by~ Janet

   For Chief  ~Lit by~ Your Loving Family

   For Bob  ~Lit by~ Susan

   For Shadow   ~Lit by~ Michelle I miss you so much it hurts. I'm so sorry.

   For Shadow   ~Lit by~ Michelle Meade

   For Chopper  ~Lit by~ Cindy & Wally

   For Eve  ~Lit by~ Jim

   For Cormac  ~Lit by~ Aviele

   For BRAYLEEH my precious St Bernard   ~Lit by~ miss u so much lil girl cant wait til i go to Jesus to n c u again, luv Naya

   For Crystal  ~Lit by~ your Mommy and Daddy

   For Iroh  ~Lit by~ Cassie

   For Brewski  ~Lit by~ Cassie

   For Oliver  ~Lit by~ Shawna

   For Kodiak Klinedinst  ~Lit by~ John Heather John "lil man"

   For Daisy duke may Hatala   ~Lit by~ Alyssa,MaryAnn,Mathew,Theodore, Cameron,cali

   For Misty  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad, Chelsea and Matt

   For Kasper  ~Lit by~ Mom

   For Veto   ~Lit by~ Rachel

   For Tiger  ~Lit by~ Rachel

   For Shadoe  ~Lit by~ Bethany, Steven, and Betty

   For Hollly  ~Lit by~ Bethany, Steven, and Betty

   For Bandit  ~Lit by~ Bethany, Steven, and Betty

   For Giddy Girl  ~Lit by~ Michele (mommy) & Hunter

   For Skittles  ~Lit by~ Kelli, John, Britni, & John II

   For Kylie  ~Lit by~ Judy Weber

   For Casey  ~Lit by~ Mom needs Dad

   For petey  ~Lit by~ mom

   For petey  ~Lit by~ mom and Dad

   For max  ~Lit by~ connie

   For maddie  ~Lit by~ connie

   For Marmalade  ~Lit by~ Dan & Dusty

   For Gracie  ~Lit by~ Katie with love

   For Dominique  ~Lit by~ Jen

   For Blackie  ~Lit by~ Nneka And Jeff

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